Founder and host

Andy is a freelance videogames writer and critic whose work has appeared on the likes of IGN, Hyper Magazine, Games.On.Net (RIP), and others.

He was also formerly the Owner, Editor, and Curator of content for independent website

In between freelancing, he works on his current, slow-burning solo project, Critical Odyssey.

Also dabbles in fiction. Loves his cats. Final Fantasy XIII apologist.

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With a background in literature and creative writing, Andrew brings a focus on character, plot, and theme to videogame criticism.

He has spoken at academic conferences, his voice and words have appeared on notable podcasts, and he publishes essays on his website, Play Critically.

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Ginny is a freelance videogame writer based in New Zealand. In between trips to Mordor, she writes for The Spinoff, Digitally Downloaded, and GameSpot.

She loves coffee, cats, and sharing her unsolicited opinions on the internet. Also, she’s pretty sure that the Soft Engine is mankind’s greatest invention.

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Podcast editor and composer

Craig works behind the scenes, editing the podcast and putting together chiptunes.

He writes music for games under the name Windmills at Dawn, and is a big fan of all things Nintendo.

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