Following the events of the first videogame, Bayonetta has settled into something resembling a normal life now joined by her sister Jeanne. But when angels attack the sisters during their Christmas shopping, Bayonetta unexpectedly loses control of one of her Umbran summons and Jeanne is killed rescuing her. Sensing that the powers between Paradiso and Inferno are out of balance, Bayonetta embarks to the Gates of Hell on the mountain Fimbulventr to rescue her sister and restore order between the planes of existence. Famously rescued from cancelation by Nintendo and subsequently making it a Wii U (and later, Switch) exclusive, Bayonetta 2 finds a new director which has a noticeable effect on the overall videogame: Brighter colors, a faster pace, and a more forgiving difficulty. You can watch Andrew (@playcritically) play the first hour in the embedded video below.