Bayonetta is one of the last Umbran Witches who survived a purge of her order when she was trapped at the bottom of a lake, emerging twenty years before the events of the first game with no memory of who she is—only that she is very good at killing angels and the people who live downstairs are willing to reward her handsomely for it. Lots of other things happen, but none of it matters: Bayonetta is all about stylish action as she dance-battles through the grotesque armies of Paradiso. By triggering her magical dodge ability at the last possible moment, Bayonetta can activate Witch Time and unleash a flurry of provocative pain on her enemies at ultra-fast speeds. Pulling this maneuver off successfully requires split-second timing and nerves of steel, as missing the dodge ensures a punishing blow. You can watch Andrew (@playcritically) play the first hour below.