There’s a particular formula for budget-priced racers on modern console, handheld, and mobile platforms: A handful of stock personalities, a couple tracks, and a small selection of carts which find more differentiation through upgrades and stats then through genuinely varying playstyles. Any longevity it may possess, if any at all, exists through a grueling difficulty and cheap rubberbanding in the AI than through genuine depth or broad course selection. But there’s something special about Vector Unit’s Beach Buggy Racing. In spite of existing alongside these other racers and inhabiting many of their tropes and conceits, it feels more robust and exciting. Themed around racing through tropical beach environments in tooled-up buggies (hence the title), players earn new buggies and racers with different stats and abilities by winning different tournament tiers. You can watch Andrew (@playcritically) play through the first hour in the embedded video below.