Combining the basic design conceits of Bomberman with playable stock horror movie monsters, QubicGames’ Brawl brings explosively macabre action to the Switch. Winning is the same as in Bomberman: Use bombs to create new passageways in a maze, picking up upgrades to empower them, and try to trap enemies your blast waves. New wrinkles come from the playable characters; the Blind Girl can fling a knife to daze enemies and switch positions with enemies, or the Mannequin can use a hypnotic stare to trap enemies in place, or use the power of six additional characters. A short story mode for each character fills in their backstories, introduces their unique powers, and balances some slight puzzles on top of the Bomberman-styled action. You can watch Andrew (@playcritically) try to blow up the other horrors of the Emporium in the embedded video below.