After a protracted and mysterious delay, Dark Souls Remastered has finally arrived on Switch. In case you’ve been sleeping under a rock since 2011: Players assume control of an undead traveler marked by the Darksign and set out into the undead-infested lands of Lordran. Enemies defeated in a 3D melee combat system drop Souls which may be carried to bonfires that dot the environment and used to upgrade character stats (they are, essentially, experience points). But if the player is killed before returning to a bonfire, then all of their carried souls are dropped, and if the player dies before reclaiming them, all of those souls are lost forever. Combat is punishing to button mashers but fair to the careful and methodical. Dark Souls’ risk-reward experience system and grueling combat have been influential on the game industry as a whole, with “It’s Like Dark Souls” becoming a groan-inducing meme landing on editors’ blacklists and even inspiring a novelty Twitter account.¬†Finally released on Switch this past Friday, you can watch Andrew (@playcritically) play through the first hour of this challenging and engrossing adventure RPG in the video below.