An indie darling with numerous Best Of rewards under its Lovecraftian tentacles, Red Hook Studios’ 2016 Gothic Horror RPG Darkest Dungeon has now released on the Switch. Summoned by a relative known only as The Ancestor to his estate, you inherit the property and recruit a band of adventurers to delve into the various wings of the mansion, each overflowing with terrors resulting from the Ancestor’s meddling in evil powers. Each raid affects the morale and sanity of these adventurers, so you must develop the nearby hamlet to provide for their needs… or inter their dead bodies in the graveyard. Darkest Dungeon is a hard Roguelite dungeon crawler, and deaths are not likely, but guaranteed. Available now on the eshop for $24.99 USD or packaged with all available DLC for $34.99 USD, you can watch Andrew (@playcritically) play the first hour in the embedded video below.