The latest entry in the storied Indie Soulsborne genre, Motion Twin’s Dead Cells find players taking control of The Prisoner, a sentient ball of goo, as it takes control of a headless corpse and tries to escape from an island kingdom that has experienced an unknown holocaust. While exploring and uncovering the mysteries of the island, The Prisoner accumulates Cells from fallen enemies which are used to create persistent upgrades and new weapons which increase its chances on subsequent attempts. Dead Cells’ real claim to fame is incorporating Metroid-style adventuring concepts to its procedurally generated environments, allowing access to new areas earlier in the map when later bosses are defeated. These upgrades are permanent once earned on any given playthrough, adding a sense of determination and intention to the normally RNG-driven Roguelite formula. You can watch Andrew (@playcritically) play the first hour of this brutally difficult action-platformer in the embedded video below.