Don’t make deals with the devil, because the devil will come to collect his due.

When an inventor named Wilson delves into the occult to power his inventions, he wakes up on an alien world with a tall man standing over him. The man delivers a warning: “You’d better find some food before night comes.” And so Wilson sets out into this new world, his first goal to survive, his second: Escape.

The indie title that arguably solidified and popularized the Survival genre, Don’t Starve is as much about discovery as it is about exploration. Cast into the wilds filled with vaguely alien plants and creatures, Wilson (or a host of other unlockable characters) must begin with nothing and build his way up to self-sufficiency by discovering new items and seeing how they combine with others. Beginning with a struggle just to defend himself and not starve to death, Wilson can then find a way to escape the world into which he has been cast. A devilishly difficult procedurally-generated survival sim, Don’t Starve was released on Switch Thursday and you can watch Andrew (@playcritically) try not to die in the embedded video below.