Born from an unlikely partnership between Omega Force and Nintendo (with help from Team Ninja), Hyrule Warriors is a blending of the divisive Dynasty Warriors gameplay with the themes and characters of the popular Legend of Zelda series. Taking control of one of over two dozens Zelda heroes and villains, many of them playable here for the first time ever, players hack through massive armies of enemy soldiers while dominating battlefields. Dozens of enemies can be felled with a single blow; killing over one thousand in a single battle is not unusual. Enemy commanders and Zelda bosses pose the real threat to the player’s life. Everything else about Hyrule Warriors is more about managing time and accomplishing goals before fail states can be achieved. Whether it’s protecting an ally hero or capturing enemy-held strongholds, “do I have time to do X before Y happens” is the question lurking in the background of every decision. Legend Mode provides a lengthy story and epic battles, but the real meat of the game is found in Adventure Mode, which hides hundreds of rewards and unlockables in hundreds of different scenarios spread across game maps drawn from different entries in the Legend of Zelda series. In this update of The First Hour, you can watch two videos recorded by Andrew (@playcritically): One a first hour of Hyrule Warrior’s Legend Mode campaign, and the second the first hour of the Adventure Mode gameplay. Both videos are embedded below.