An early console indie success that has been remastered for current platforms, Mark of the Ninja: Remastered is a side-scrolling stealth platformer that could be best summarized as Arkham Asylum’s predator sequences reimagined in sprawling, side-scrolling environments. Players control a ninja inscribed with magical tattoos. Slinking through advanced office buildings and crumbling castle ruins, the protagonist uses an array of tools to interact with the environment, either killing patrolling soldiers with brutal stealth takedowns, or else maneuvering between them by hiding in shadows and creating distractions. With an array of unlockable classes, tools, and skills, collectibles and option challenges to complete, plus a flexible scoring system that rewards both murderous and pacifist play strategies, Mark of the Ninja is an impressive stealth outing for the Switch with a known pedigree. You can watch Andrew (@playcritically) play through the first hour in the embedded video below.