Ever since the phenomenal success of Minecraft, a mini-genre of videogames based around building things with innumerable voxels has emerged. Dragon Quest Builders, which released on Switch last Friday, was one such imitator, charging players with rebuilding a society while fending off monsters far more dense in number and hostility than anything that appears in Minecraft. Portal Knights is another imitator, and it finally received a physical release on Switch after appearing on the eshop late last year. It exists somewhere between Minecraft and Dragon Quest Builders with its focus on using the procedurally generated worlds to enhance the player character’s equipment and skills rather than building structures (though you can certainly build something from scratch if you choose to). Players take control of a Portal Knight, a survivor of a world fractured into pieces by an unknown calamity, traveling between the different surviving shards to empower themselves and find their way to the great beast responsible for their situation. You can watch Andrew (@playcritically) play the first hour in the embedded video below.