One of the low-key great success stories of PC gaming, the Civilization series has struggled to break onto other platforms. But the unique features of the Switch—not quite a console, not quite a handheld, not quite a tablet—provides fertile ground for a port of Civilization VI’s mobile version, finally bringing a mainline Civilization 4X “Explore, Expand, Exploit, Exterminate” (last one optional) experience to a console. Players take control of a famous world culture, personified by one of its iconic leaders, and guide it across history, developing the Civilization towards an ultimate victory in Culture (draw tourists to your cities from other cultures), Science (be the first culture to establish a Mars colony), Religion (spread your faith to all the other cultures of the world), or Domination (capture all of the other culture’s capitals through military force). Though a visually stripped-down experience compared to the PC version, Sid Meier’s Civilization VI on Switch brings all the features of the base game to the platform. You can watch Andrew (@playcritically) play through the first hour in the embedded video below.