It’s timely that Ernest Cline’s and Stephen Spielberg’s Ready Player One film adaptation would arrive weeks before Streets of Red: Devil’s Dare Deluxe, as both properties concern themselves with the worship of nostalgic popular culture. As you may guess from the title, Streets of Red is in the style of Streets of Rage, only the heroes are attendees of a fan convention who are empowered by a fairy that introduces themself with a loud “Hey Listen!” Kingston is transformed into an armored adventurer wielding a shovel; Queenie gains magic powers and powered armor; Axel gains a sword, shield, hookshot, and a spin attack, and Jackson becomes a sai-wielding ninja. Venturing out into a zombie apocalypse, they find themselves facing boss monsters based on popular movies, including Xenomorphs, The Fly, The Terminator, and Jason Vorhees. Using a simple combo system to deal Fatalities to their enemies, player can earn extra cash to spend on continues and powerups. You can watch Andrew (@playcritically) brawl his way through the first hour of this ambitious fangame below.