Few figures of American popular culture have been mythologized in recent years as much as Nikola Tesla and H.P. Lovecraft, so it was inevitable that they would one day cross paths in a videogame. 10tons, the developer/publisher master of Indie Twin-Stick Shooters, pits the groundbreaking engineer and the occult author against one another in their trademark form. When Tesla appears in Lovecraft’s Arkham to give a demonstration of his electrical inventions, Lovecraft interrupts the demonstration to accuse Tesla of meddling in powers he cannot understand. Soon, Tesla’s lab is burned down by Eldritch creatures, and Tesla straps on a gun to set out and reclaim his inventions as they rampage across Arkham. Basic pistols, shotguns, and tommy guns are soon replaced by Teslapunk staples like guns that shoot lightning and giant mini-gun equipped powered armor. You can watch Andrew (@playcritically) assume the role of Tesla and take on Cthulu’s minions in the first hour embedded video.