With increased availability and affordability of improved storage mediums like the CD-ROM, the 1990s saw the advent of a new kind of videogame where actors were photographed or filmed in live-action and integrated into interactive environments. The most elaborate of these included entire filmed sequences aspiring to what one would see in a Hollywood film, and these so-called “FMV games,” or full-motion video games, developed a dubious reputation for their low quality production values and the quality of their game design. Decades later and these videogames have mostly been resigned to their place in history, but in recent years a few independent studios have begun exploring the genre again. One studio, Wales Interactive, released an FMV game in 2016 called The Bunker. Players watch and guide John as he endures nuclear fallout in an underground bunker in the United Kingdom. His life is safe, but boring, at least until a computer malfunction turns his life upside down and reveals truths he could not understand in his sheltered childhood. You can watch Andrew (@playcritically) play the first hour of this ambitious Adventure game below.