Developing quietly alongside other online coop shooters and Games As Service experiences, Warframe has risen from inauspicious roots to become a well-regarded cult title. Brought now to Switch by the technical wizards at Panic Button—also responsible for Switch ports of DOOM 2016, Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus, and Rocket League—Warframe is an impressive free-to-play package that visually and tactically outshines most other shooters on the platform. Players take control of a Tenno, a survivor of the ancient Orokin empire. Nearly losing a war against their synthetic creations, the Sentients, the Orokins turned to the Tenno, feared survivors of a ship that entered a void of dark energy who were empowered with strange abilities. The Tenno were outfitted with Warframes, suits of powered armor which turned them into great warriors equipped with weapons both ancient and modern. Centuries later, the surviving Tenno are sought out by the factions of the galaxy to be used and exploited. The player character is one such Tenno, newly awoken by the scavenging Grineer. Its systems initially compromised by the Grineer, once the player rids its Warframe of this corruption they are unleashed to explore the solar system, encountering other Tenno and battling the Grineer, the Corpus, and other enemy factions while gathering loot to construct new weapons and warframes. Serving as a more cooperatively-focused contrast to the philosophically-similar Fortnite, Warframe is now available on Switch in all regions. You can watch Andrew (@playcritically) play through the first hour of this ambitious free-to-play shooter in the embedded video below.